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2024 Gold Rush Senior Hockey Draft Tournament
All divisions are co-ed.

Men must be 45 or older by 31-DEC-2024 to participate.
Women must be 40 or older by 31-DEC-2024 to participate.
Goalkeepers must be 40 or older by 31-DEC-2024 to participate.

Levels will be determined by the number of players that register to play.
Our goal is to have 3 divisions of 4 teams each.

Player placements
All players will be asked to answer a few questions during the registration process. The answers will help evaluate which division each player is placed.

We will do our best to make sure all teams are evenly matched.

2024 Gold Rush Senior  
Draft Hockey Tournament Rules  
Rev 0.26 





The tournament will consist of multiple 4 Team divisions where each team plays the other teams in the division one time. All three games will be played between Friday, Saturday & Sunday. An attempt will be made to schedule one game per day for each team. Planned divisions are: 

  • Coed A 

  • Coed B 

  • Coed C 


Dates: Friday the 26th, Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of April 2024 


Location: Skatetown Ice Arena 

1009 Orlando Ave 

Roseville CA 95661 



  • RVs are not allowed in the rink parking area. 

  • No alcohol in the parking lots. 

  • Skatetown does not allow outside food, alcohol, or beverages.  
    The Skatetown café serves beer and wine. Skatetown also provides two water bottle filling stations; you are welcome to bring refillable water bottles.  



  • Male players must be 45 years old by December 31, 2024. 

  • Female players must be 40 years old by December 31, 2024. 

  • Goaltenders must be 40 years old by December 31, 2024.  




  • All tournament players must be registered and listed on your first game sheet to be eligible to play in the tournament. 

  • A player can only play for 1 team in each division during the tournament weekend. 

  • A valid Driver’s License must be available for presentation if requested. 

  • A maximum of 15 players plus goalies may register and dress for each game. 



  • Teams shall be ready to start 15 minutes before scheduled time. 

  • Scoreboard will not display any additional goals if the goal spread becomes greater than 5 goals. 

  • Running time will commence in the third period if a 5-goal differential and will run the balance of the game (to revert back to stop time, goal differential must be reduced to 3) 

  • Any player receiving a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game and shall be subject to further suspension pending review by game officials and Tournament Committee. 



Players are expected to always act in a professional manner. Players, coaches, and managers shall not use obscene gestures or profane language on the ice or anywhere on Skatetown property before, during or after the game. 



  • Please check in with the tournament official prior to your first game located in party room 1. 

  • Completed waivers are required prior to your first game.  

  • Captains will be asked to sign off on the scoresheet prior to every game. 

  • Teams will have a maximum of 15 skaters and 1 goalie rostered. 



NOTE: The Tournament Director will have the final say on all matters regarding rulings for tournament play. 



  • The tournament will follow USA Hockey rules. 

  • Teams must submit a roster before their first game and only these players will be eligible for play during the tournament. Proof of age should be available, and it is the captain’s responsibility. 

  • All players on the ice must be on the scoresheet prior to the start of every game.  

  • An on-ice captain (“C”) will be the only person allowed to talk to the official/s about any calls. 

  • All players must be available and ready to play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. 

  • Offsides: all players must tag up before entering zone to play the puck.  

  • Blue line icing rules called when puck crosses the goal line. 

  • USA Hockey penalties will be enforced. 2-minute minor penalties. 

  • Penalties: go to penalty box and time will start at the drop of puck.  

  • Three-penalty rule: any player receiving three penalties in one game will be asked to leave for the balance of the game.  

  • Suspensions: Any player receiving a game misconduct penalty shall be suspended for a minimum of one game. Any player receiving an intent to injure/Match penalty will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. 

  • The tournament is non-checking and non-fighting. Any player that participates in a fight or is ejected from a game will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. 

  • The Tournament Director will review all cases involving major penalties, match penalties, game misconduct and gross misconducts. He has the power to suspend or modify the penalties of any guilty players. 



  • Three minutes warm up (start of 75-minute master clock) 

  • Warm up clock starts when Zamboni doors close. BE READY!  

  • Three fifteen-minute stop-time periods 

  • One minute break between periods 

  • One-one minute timeout will be allowed per team per game. 

  • One three-minute stop time OT period will be played four on four (Note: If there is more than 10 minutes left on the 75 min master clock. If there is less time remaining the OT will be skipped and a shootout will commence). Determination will be at the discretion of the officials and the Tournament Director. 

  • Teams will play four on three in OT if there is a carryover penalty from the third period. 

  • Penalties during overtime will result in a penalty shot. 

  • If still tied after OT, the next tie breaker will consist of a three-player shoot-out.  

  • If still tied after a three-player shoot-out the teams will alternate in shooting until one team has the advantage. No player may shoot twice until the entire roster has been gone through. 

  • Any player serving a penalty at the start of the shootout will not be permitted to participate 



  • All players must wear full equipment. Including shin/elbow pads, hockey pants with padding and hockey gloves. HECC approved helmet. Full cage or half shields, and neck guards are recommended but not required 

  • No “Cat Eye” cages allowed.  

  • Protective masks, of HECC approved design, must be worn by all goaltenders.  

  • Helmets must be worn while participating in the game, on the team bench, in the penalty box, and in the handshake line.  



  • Each team player will wear a tournament supplied sweater of the same color. 

  • Opposing teams will wear sweaters of contrasting colors. 

  • Each player will wear a number on his/her sweater. 

  • Numbers cannot be duplicated by another player on the same roster. 



  • The game will be monitored with a two-referee system and a scorekeeper. 

  • Team captains are the only players allowed to have discussions with the officials. 

  • The referee’s calls are final and are not open for discussion. 

  • The Game Officials, Tournament Directors and Rink Employees have final authority to evict any persons, players, spectators or otherwise, from the building, for actions detrimental to the game and its participants.  



IIHF Scoring System will be used for standings determination: 

  • Three (3) points for a Regulation Win 

  • Two (2) points for an Overtime/Shootout Win 

  • One (1) point for an Overtime/Shootout Loss 

  • Zero (0) points for a loss. 

If two divisional teams are tied in accumulated points the tie breakers will be: 

  • Head-to-head game winner 

If three divisional teams are tied in accumulated points the tie breakers will be: 

  • Fewest goals against 

  • Fewest penalty minutes 

  • If equality remains, a random straw pull shall determine the winner. 



Draft Tournament 2024 Results